Outdoor activities

In the summer months on a monthly basis.


We offer courses by level and age, usually courses listed as Level 1 or “for beginners” would be recommended for first time learners.  If in doubt contact us.

We welcome walk-ins,  however sometimes our courses can be at maximum capacity so calling ahead of time can assure you a spot.


Tight fitting shorts and tops are preferable.  Leggings can be worn in some classes.

We also sell uniforms and outfits for kids and adults.

A strong will to work hard and lots of determination.   A small towel is advisable.

Our facilities provide water.


No, we have entry level lessons within our ongoing classes, the skills are learnt progressively.

Everyone starts from zero at one point!

Once the child has reached a certain level he/she can apply to the National or Caribbean championships that happen yearly.  The school can help you find the most suitable one. For the child to compete he/she would need a certain amount of personal classes (depending on the child’s ability to learn) per month leading up to the competition.    If the school deems the child eligible, training needs to start minimum 4 months before the date of the competition.

Every child or person is different and has it’s own learning ability.   We believe that to learn a new skill you need to practice it consistently and persevere.   That’s why our membership starts with a minimum of 2 attendances per week.   To those who really want to learn at a faster pace, we recommend 3-5 times a week.  For such eager students we offer special packages that include Private/Personal sessions.  Please refer to our prices and packages.