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We’re a school of Acrobatic Arts teaching Aerial arts, Gymnastics, Pole Sport, Flexibility, Acrobatic skills and Singing to children aged 2-16. Come check us out!

With an immense passion for the art of dance and aerial acrobatics, certified instructor Cecilia Paige founded the studio in April 2015. Originally the studio only offered adult classes, but after witnessing the interest of youth, classes for children were designed. Since then, the children’s program has grown abundantly! The studio recently went under renovation and trippled in size to accommodate the growth.

1 third of the studio is equipped with 5 poles- 3 spinning and 2 stationary. This creates a dynamic atmosphere for all levels of learners of Pole Sport.

1 third of the studio is dedicated to gymnastics/tumbling and in it hang 4 silks. The silks are hung in a way that they can be tied back to create a space perfect for gymnastics and dance. Between the two rooms hang 2 aerial hoops.

The last and bigger third of the studio is our entrance, reception, bathroom,  a small retail room where we offer kids uniforms of our school as well as diverse outfits for adults and kids.

Also It has a separate room where we run our private/personal classes for those that want more privacy or are working to advance faster in the skills.  It’s equipped with 2 poles, a wall ladder, a pullup bar and 2 rings.

In addition to the 14 aerial items, the studio contains conditioning and stretching equipment, which entertains and accommodates a number of children and adults.

Our walls are decorated with our students achievements. Be they in the studio as “student of the month” or special “ Certificate of Excellence” given Bi-annual or the awards our students receive of the competitions they’re involved in.    Currently we have 13 Champions on the wall from the past 2 Championships (National and International)